Here Comes The Sun

April 10th, 2008

This Saturday was UMW’s Multicultural Fair and I think that the best part of the whole festival was the array of music. There was a gospel choir that sang in front of Trinkle and they were my favorite. As people stood around and watched they couldn’t help but move. Everyone was clapping and swaying and those who knew the words sang along. The sun was war and bright and the sky was a brilliant blue and the voices of this choir were so clear and strong. You could still hear them half way down campus walk.

There was also a Chinese dragon dance performance. The movements of the large decorative dragon costume were responses to the music being played along with it. There was a drummer and two cymbal players. There were a lot of younger children running around the dragon during the performance. They were laughing and screaming as they danced around with the costume. I found it fascinating that the performers were so in-tune with the instrumentalists. Obviously this comes with much training and both sets of performers must do their part in order to give such an electric performance.

There were several other musical performers during the day. There was an African Tribal performances where people used Djembe Drums and gourd shakers that have the neatest tonal quality in their sound. I think Djembe’s are so amazing. It is such a small drum, but it produces so many different pitches.
There were several other musical performers during the day and all in all, Saturday was just a wonderful day for enjoying live music, good food, and unique people.

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